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Nutraceutical Syrups
There are pharmaceutical syrups in the range which are prescribed for the treatment, prevention and cure of several problems, like iron deficiency, digestive issues, etc.
Nutraceutical Sachets
Pharmaceutical sachets in the range must be taken by patients after consulting with the doctor about the pre-existing diseases or planned surgery. Each pack has almost 10 sachets or 20 sachets of 1 gm or 5 gm each.
Nutraceutical Drops
30 ml Fungal Diastase and Pepsin Drop is one of the pharmaceutical drops that customers can buy from us. Available in pineapple flavour, it is helpful in improving digestion.
Dry Syrups
Zinc Gluconate with Prebiotic and Probiotic for Oral Suspension is a dry syrup that is recommended to people who have irritable bowel, gastroenteritis, inflammatory bowel disease, antibiotic induced diarrhea and other stomach related problems.
Vitamin Nano Shots
Vitamin D3 oral solution sachet is vitamin nano shot available in orange flavour. This ready to drink solution improves vitamin D levels quickly to prevent or treat osteoporosis and bone disorders.
Protein Powders
Nutrient Vitamin And Mineral Protein Powder contains 22 essential nutrients. Available in kesar elaichi flavour, this powdered supplement is beneficial in weight management and muscle growth.

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